Map Making in Vulcania (France)

Clermont Ferrand, in particular the Parc des Volcans d´Auvergne, is a dream for the practice of Orienteering and Trail. It took more than 4 months, divided by two summers, of intense work to do the ‘Cheire du Puy de Come’ map, in the same area as the 2006 Puy-de-Dôme Long World Cup.

This terrain, which is considered by many to be the most difficult orienteering forest in the world, was another stimulating professional challenge for me. I had been in these fields in the past, even representing the national team, but I never imagined receiving a job offer for this area.

I would not imagine having the capacity and it is a privilege to work in this place that also has the particularity of being next to the main training center of the Federation Française de Course d’Orientation, where the best youth and junior athletes of the French country live.

In the end, we have a very detailed project with 12 km2 mapped in total, in which, this year, I had the company of map maker Rafael Miguel for two weeks.