A cartographer on the cover of a Swedish newspaper

Cartography is the work I chose and it allows me, in each project, to enjoy unbelievable places. It’s a hard work, but I love it, where every day I have to maintain a certain routine and discipline to be efficient and productive.

Precisely 10 years ago, I made my first map in Sweden for the first time. Since then, every summer is spent working in Scandinavia or France on some of the most challenging terrain (all my work at Main Maps).

After 4 maps made in Sweden in the last 2 months, I had the pleasure, on my return to Tavelsjön (Umeå), to be interviewed to talk a little more about my profession which, in these countries, assumes another importance and recognition.

Thanks to the clubs in the region:

  • Umedalens IF
  • IFK Umeå
  • Umeå OK