Training planning for Trail Running, Orienteering and Cycling.

Training Planning Packages

Package Description
P Planification
PC Planification + Training control
PT Planification + Weekly field training
PCT Complete (PC+PT)

The ‘P’ package is now available, which includes all the planning and monitoring of the individualized training as well as planning strength circuits and other specific training exercises.

The contracts are made for periods of 10 months.

Payments are made monthly (receipt issued in the 10th/last month).

Definition of coach duties:

  • Send the training plan weekly. Whenever necessary, adjustments can be made during the week to the planning sent;
  • Communicate (via Phone, Skype, etc.) at least once a week;
  • Exchange messages (via Messenger, WhatsApp or E-mail), at least twice a week, in order to ensure the correct monitoring of the training process;
  • Send in digital format the planning of strength circuits, mobility or proprioceptive training and flexibility training with description of the exercises to be performed.

In order to start the training prescription, the following data must be provided to the coach:

  • Short text (two to three lines) with a description of what fascinates you in this sport; what kind of events you like to participate in; what expectations you have in relation to the coach and his planning;
  • List of the last competitions in which you participated and respective results links, GPS data, heart rate and other comments you consider relevant;
  • Training diary corresponding to the last four weeks of training, and, in case of injury, describe in detail the treatment and recovery routines and processes;
  • Access code to the training registration account (example: Movescount; Garmin, Strava, Polar, Trainingpeaks, etc …) or alternatively have the training available to the public;
  • Competitive calendar of the season, with 2 or 3 events of maximum importance and others less important, which can be a great opportunity to test some strategies. This schedule will always have to be discussed and adjusted in pairs (coach and athlete), so that the global planning of the training potentiates and creates peaks of form, through an adjusted alternation of loads;
  • Lactate and/or VO2Max test, so that training planning is based on the intensity zones for each training unit;
  • Anthropometric evaluation (weight, height, skin folds and circumferences);
  • Share all the details necessary for planning to be feasible, such as, for example, indicating personal preferences in types of training; training possibilities in gym, bicycle, swimming or others. Specify the ideal days of the week for each type of training and/or weekly limitations or impossibilities;
  • Sports medical examination and, in case of any health problem, provide the respective medical report;
  • Indicate if you have regular physical therapy, nutritionist and/or other follow-up;
  • Communicate to the coach any abnormal situation that may influence the training process in any way;
  • Date of birth and contact details.


Athletes from any of the packages will receive a 10% discount on the purchase of Tailwind products and special prices at

Details of these and other partnerships will be announced shortly.