Madeira O-Camp: Presentation

For about two decades, orienteering events have been organized on a regular basis all over the island of Madeira, and there are already close to 100 orienteering maps. This island has a great wealth of natural heritage. We emphasize its epic forests, with special highlight to the largest patch of Laurissilva forest in the world.

To help develop the sport and take advantage of all this potential, we decided to create a training camp with around 20 different orienteering courses, not only for the many tourists who visit us, but also for those who live in the region and enjoy orienteering.

Many of the forest maps cover areas at an altitude of around 1400m, being the highest at 1800m, a consequence of the island’s orography. We have maps of very different terrains: Fanal (which is the oldest plateau in the region, which stands out for the existence of centuries-old Tis dating back to the discovery of the island and the effect of «enchanted fog»); the forest perimeter of the Poiso mountains, which includes 6 different maps (this is the largest patch of woods in Madeira); Chão dos Louros (the Laurissilva capital of the world); the Queimadas forest park and the unmissable Ponta de São Lourenço (distinguished open terrain, characterized by many details of altimetry, called “the Dunas da Piedade” surrounded by huge cliffs overlooking the sea).

Our urban maps cover very different villages, some are found in beautiful fajãs such as Seixal, Porto Moniz and Jardim do Mar, cut by intricate paths along banana plantations (Jardim do Mar) or vineyards (Estreito de Câmara de Lobos), which are crossed by endless levadas that blend in between the paths (Machico; Arco da Calheta; Seixal). These sites are both located in valleys at the base of steep mountains (Estreito de Câmara de Lobos; Curral das Freiras; Boaventura), as well as by the sea, allowing you to observe some fishing features (Câmara de Lobos; Caniçal), or even in more urban places , where it allows us to experience a little of the cosmopolitan way of life of the people of the island, as in Funchal, Ponta do Sol and Santa Cruz.

Ready to embark on this O-adventure through the beautiful island of Madeira?

A special thanks. This project is only possible thanks to all orienteering clubs in the region, namely Clube Montanha do Funchal, A RETOIÇA – Associação Cultural, Desportiva e Recreativa and Ludens Clube de Machico, as well as the support from AORAM – Associação de Orientação da Região Autónoma da Madeira.