Mapping Madeira – Introduction

#NameLocationDifficultyLengthD+MapRoadbook (PT)
1Cascatas da PorcaCabo da Ribeira (Boaventura)Easy
2Muralhas – Lagartixa – BúzioCabo da Ribeira (Boaventura)Hard
3Lombo das ParedesFajã Vinháticos (São Vicente)Hard
3.2Lombo das Paredes (Marco Geodésico)Fajã Vinháticos (São Vicente)Hard
5Marco do EstreitinhoCabo da Ribeira (Boaventura)Hard


The «Mapping Madeira» mapping is much more than a simple map, it serves to enhance and improve all outdoor activities. From walks on trails or levadas that can be taken with the whole family, to routes of great physical demand, with technically demanding parts, passing through breathtaking places.

The cataloging of the map allows to anticipate and plan taking into account the objectives, dimension, physical and technical requirements and points of interest desired. It is not only a tool for those who know how to read maps, because nowadays it is much more intuitive and effective for most users to have the map introduced in an App, thus providing greater comfort in navigation, allowing, through the GPS of the Smartphone or another device, always know where we are, in addition to all the complementary information that can be obtained there (altitude, distance, speed, etc.).


Mapping Madeira also allows you to import only the GPX of the map/route, for a clock, GPS device, or Smartphone. For those passionate about physical maps, it is also feasible to take the map in paper format and thus enjoy a more pure navigation.


There are 6 routes available in the municipality of São Vicente (5 routes starting and ending at the Cabo da Ribeira site in Boaventura and one in the São Vicente Valley near the Fajã dos Vinháticos site).

To use the route with the map on the Smartphone:

  1. Install the Custom Maps application on the Smartphone (for Android only).
  2. Download the route and accept to open it with the “Custom Maps” application.


  • We ask for the utmost care in the most rugged areas;
  • Pay close attention to weather forecasts;
  • Always do these journeys with company;
  • Bring water, food, raincoat, change clothes and cell phone with charge.
  • In case of difficulty or fear of crossing a place that gives rise to insecurity, have the good sense to go back.


  • The fieldwork was carried out between December 2020 and March 2021, so any change in the terrain may have happened after the cartography.
  • For all routes, a Roadbook will be available with an explanation of the places to visit.
  • Your opinion is very important to us, so we ask you to take pictures and publicize your opinion about the routes and usefulness of the map, to understand if this type of cartography makes sense or not in the Autonomous Region of Madeira.

Thank you very much and good routes.