Norway Fjords

You will not believe Norway exists until you see it and feel it. You really have to see these places in order to believe they are real.

The best cocktail of Norway’s giant mountains and icy lakes, is served by different venues:

– Jotunheimen: Norwegian for “home of the giants” as it is the home of some of the highest peaks in northern Europe;

– Galdhopiggen (2469 m): highest point in Norway and also the highest mountain in Scandinavia and Northern Europe. It is located in the Jotunheimen mountain range;

– Bergen: the city of 7 cities and fjords. Using the Fløyen funicular or the Ulriken cable car one can quickly enter the mountains and the rails along lakes and fjords of astonishing beauty;

– Lysefjord: one of Norway’s most iconic fjords (42km long). Around there are several points of great interest including landscapes, waterfalls, lakes and cliffs always present;

– Preikestolen: is a rock landing 600 meters above the fjord with 45x45m

– Flørli: is a place on the fringes of a fjord of overwhelming beauty and peace of mind. Although considered as one of the best places to relax, right next to it one can enjoy a 4444 steps staircase walk in case one decides not just to rest;

– Kjerag: is a rock trapped between two cliffs 1100m above the fjord;

– Besseggen: was considered one of the 19 most exciting and impressive tracks in the world by National Geographic magazine.

All of this can be reached by those who make the trails their passion. If you want to live this experience or get more information, stay tuned.

Video of this area: