NAOM 2020 and MOM 2020 Events

In the last few years I have developed my map making work in Sweden, Norway and France at a professional level. It has been very enriching to work and receive feedback from some of the most experienced coaches, athletes and clubs in the world (Halden-SK, French Orienteering Federation, RanasOK, Bergen FanaIL).

It was with great pride that, in the last two weekends, orienteering events were carried out on maps made by me, namely in MOM and NAOM. It is always good to come home and feel the affection of my orienteering partners and friends.

On the second day of NAOM I went back to being a “speaker” and I loved the experience.

Thank you all for the words of affection and appreciation. In 2021 I will have some more map making projects in Portugal and I am very excited!