Map Making for Madeira Orienteering Festival 2021

Madeira Island has its own altimetry and fauna and due to its multifaceted characteristics, it becomes a place of choice for multiple Outdoor activities, namely, Orienteering.

On this island there are still some high quality terrains for Orienteering events, yet to be explored.

In this sense, for a long time I wanted to enlarge the map of Fanal, the oldest forest in Madeira, and this objective came to fruition with this map making project.

Also in Madeira I had the privilege of doing from scratch and enlarging the map of Poiso, which, together with Montado do Pereiro and Chão das Aboboreiras (already mapped by me for Clube Aventura da Madeira, in 2014), completes the biggest spot island forestry.

It is with this motto that I affirm that everything is gathered for a great Orienteering event, between January 14th and 17th, 2021, at the Madeira Orienteering Festival.